An Unseen Way to Beat Period Cramps… Without Harmful Meds & Uncomfy Heating Pads.

Published: September 5th, 2023 | Reading time: 3 min.

Ever taken a painkiller for cramps and ended up with an upset tummy or even heartburn? 


And what about those times a little dizziness or a stubborn headache followed?


That's a trade-off many women face every month—choosing between throbbing cramps and the side effects of medication has become the norm for most.


You see, creating a "safe" painkiller is a big challenge for science, mainly because… 

Medications often need to be "unsafe" to be truly effective.

Painkillers may ease your cramps, but they also disrupt the enzymes that are vital for your stomach and kidney health. This disruption can lead to a range of issues from stomach ulcers to kidney complications. As these effects pile up, they can result in health problems that are not easily undone.


Sure, there's no guarantee that using pain meds will ruin your health. For many women, these medications actually provide real relief with bearable side effects.


But don’t forget about this. Menstrual cycles are routine, not a single event.

Imagine how this many pills could hurt your body over time.


That's why a non-invasive solution has been in demand for ages, and it finally arrived.

The popularity of heating pads is growing… There’s one “but”, though. ↓

Although they provide some relief, there are flaws too. Women mostly complain about limitations to their movement. Being stuck in one place makes you choose between trying to live your normal life enduring agonizing cramps or laying in bed without pain.


It makes you wonder if there's something in the middle—a way to get reliable relief without giving up your freedom to move.

There’s one solution you might’ve never heard of…

If you’re also looking for a non-invasive and non-limiting solution to painful cramps, you should meet Livia.


And by not even being a real person, Livia is already a bestie to 250,000+ women out there.


It’s the first scientifically proven wearable solution for period pain relief. And it’s so small, women even forget they have it on.


When someone feels pain, it's like a message being sent from the affected area to the brain. Livia is designed to create a sort of traffic jam for those messages.

When activated, Livia sends out gentle pulses that interfere with those pain messages. It's like these pulses distract the pain signals from reaching the brain.


So, instead of experiencing terrible cramps, the body might focus more on these subtle pulses.


Compared to traditional remedies like heat pads, painkillers, and teas, this mechanism is small, non-invasive, and comes with no side effects.


Plus, there's no waiting for a pill to kick in or a pad to heat up. Livia works instantly, blocking out the pain.


It’s small, discreet, and most importantly – effective.

Does it really work, you ask?

It does sound a bit too good to be true, you’re right. You’ve been suffering for years, while this device could have spared you from all the struggles a long time ago…


Well, our customers say it best. ↓

Science Backs It

Livia is here for you.

If you're tired of dealing with the same old cramps and irritability every month, this is something to try out.


You could finally get the solution you've needed, for years.


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