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"This Tiny Machine Promises to Shock Away Your Period Cramps"

In what feels like a rare medical innovation in the female reproductive health realm, a new company based in Israel called Livia has promised a way to cure us all of our debilitating cramps without any painkillers. That's right. Unhand your bottles of ibuprofen and Midol, because there's a (potential) new solution in town, and it's basically a tiny little

"I would definitely use this again!"

Periods. They're the worst. You bloat, you break out, and you're in pain. Oh, and it happens every freaking month. But what if there was a device that turned off your period cramps? That's what Livia is trying to do.

"Holy smokes! This machine could put an end to your period pain FOREVER!"

So isn't it about time something was invented that could put an end to that well-known feeling of someone in Marigolds wringing out your uterus? Well, praise the lord, something has been invented!

"Life-Changing Technology Aims To End Period Cramps For Real"

Finally, people are starting to take periods seriously. There's been innovation when it comes to trapping the blood in the form of period panties (see my review on a pair here), and now there's a company that wants to take away your cramps with a cool new machine.

"How To Get Rid Of Period Pain: Genius Invention Could Provide An 'Off Switch' For Cramps"

There's nothing worse than crippling period cramps. Thankfully, this could soon be a thing of the past as a group of womb warriors (read: scientists) have invented a device which claims to "switch off" period pain entirely.

"This is the best wearable I have ever tried. Period."

When it comes to menstrual cramps, almost every woman in the world will have some experience of them. Some suffer with debilitating pain for days every month, while others will get away lightly with the odd twinge here and there.

"This Device Magically ~Turns Off~ Period Cramps"

There is no feeling quite worse than waking up in the middle of the night and realizing that not only have the blood rains begun, but that you are in SURPRISE crippling agony from your uterus to your toes. Livia, a device that "turns off" period cramps, wants to help you fight Aunt Flo by stopping the pain straight at the source. Whereas you've...

"This Clever Gadget That Promises To Get Rid Of Period Pain. Life. Made."

Ah that time of the month. It’s such a pain. Metaphorically and literally. If you find yourself chugging your way through a couple of packets of Nurofen every month when aunt Flo comes to stay, you might want to hear about a clever new gadget which promises to get rid of the pain of period cramps, painkillers not required.

"This New Gadget Says It Can Turn Off Period Pain"

"Aunt Flo" might sound innocent enough, but any girl who's ever had period cramps knows she can be one vicious relative. That gut-wrenching pain can make you nauseous, exhausted, cranky, and popping anti-inflammatories like candy. One new device aims to break you of the pain pill habit for good by promising to, quite literally, switch

"Livia zaps away lady pain, now shipping to U.S. Indiegogo backers"

The idea of shocking yourself to get rid of pain might sound strange, but that’s what this little gadget is designed to do. Livia is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation — a discreet one designed for ladies’ tough time of the month. Digital Trends got to try one out, and it worked for this writer.

"This invention promises to literally turn off your period cramps"

We’ve pretty much all been victims of the menstrual cramp at one point or another, right? One moment, you’re going about your daily business, when all of a sudden, BAM. You’re out of commission for anywhere from a few seconds to an entire day. And for those women who suffer from unbearable menstrual pain to the point where even going to work

"Pain-Relieving Menstruation Wearables"

With the rise of wearable technology for health, there are now devices capable of targeting everything from nausea and stress to chronic pain—Livia is specifically designed to relieve menstrual cramps. Quite simply, this compact pain management device taps into the wavelength of a woman's menstrual pain and blocks it from being

"This little gadget promises to instantly ‘turn off’ period cramps"

If you get through a pack of painkillers every month, you need to know about this. Livia is a handy new gadget that promises to instantly get rid of the pain of period cramps, without the need for any painkillers. Which sounds pretty marvelous to us

"This Device Can Apparently Turn Off The Pain Caused By Your Period"

There's a new way to avoid the pain of menstruation that doesn't involve slicing open your abdomen like it's Jimi Hendrix's forehead and dabbing a bunch of drugs on the open wound as you wait for sweet, soothing relief to find you.

Now, iPulse Medical brings you Livia, a device you can use by slapping two electrodes on your cramp-y parts and switching on the rechargeable power pack to pulse the pain away.

"No painkillers, no hot water bottles, no pain: Life-Changing device TURNS OFF period pain simply by pressing a button"

Each month, many women turn to strong painkillers and hot water bottles to relieve period pain. But now, one company claims to have come up with a device that can switch off the pain with the simple click of a button. iPulse Medical has created the device, Livia, which they claim is not only an alternative to painkillers, but works even better.

"Life-changing gadget lets you 'switch off' period pains"

Created by iPulse Medical, the Livia device promises women freedom from their monthly cramps without pain, pills or hot water bottles.
The company says the Livia simply switches off the pain with a click of a button.

It works by the woman attaching two electrodes to the painful area, lower abdomen or back, and turning the device on.
The makers say it can last for 15 hours and can be turned up or down depending on your pain level.

"Livia offers a pill-free solution to the monthly ailment that keeps many period-havers in serious pain. "

The inventions developed with the intention to reduce menstrual cramps are varied. There’s your standard pain medication like Midol or Pamprin, there’s cannabis cocoa butter (yes, really), and now, there’s a tiny, colorful robot that claims to stop cramping without any medication involved. Introducing Livia.

"So, This Machine Uses Shock Therapy for PMS..."

A new gadget has just graced us from the future—and with a very worthwhile goal: to help alleviate period pains. But, uses gentle shock therapy to do that.

Yup, that's right: Livia, a wearable device that bills itself as an "off-switch" for period cramps, uses small electrical pulses to disrupt the neural signals that lead to menstrual pain.

"So, This Machine Uses Shock Therapy for PMS..."

A new gadget has just graced us from the future—and with a very worthwhile goal: to help alleviate period pains. But, uses gentle shock therapy to do that.

Yup, that's right: Livia, a wearable device that bills itself as an "off-switch" for period cramps, uses small electrical pulses to disrupt the neural signals that lead to menstrual pain.

"Shock Therapy to Treat Period Cramps: Would You Try It?"

No matter how many medical breakthroughs happen in the world, it seems that period-related pain is here to stay. Seriously, how is it that we’ve put a man on the moon, but women everywhere are still doubling over from menstrual cramps every month?

"This Device Claims to Be an “Off Switch” For Period Pain"

We can all pretty much agree that period cramps are the worst. While ibuprofen or a hot water bottle can help, sometimes the pain is just so bad that we start to get a little desperate for relief.

Enter: Livia, a little wearable device that claims to be a drug-free, non-invasive "off switch" for period pain. It clips onto your pants and electrodes run out from the device to stick on your stomach, and it works by using electrical stimulation to block pain, inventor Chen Nachum explains to Stylecaster:

"This Tiny Wearable Device Can Stop Period Pain—Without Drugs"

You’re never really the same after your first bout of PMS. The painful cramping, the unstable mood swings, the desire to down every carb-laden food in sight, and the bloating—it stays etched into your subconscious all month until it’s time to relive it all over again. Kind of like our bodies are taking revenge every damn month for not procreating.

"Livia wants to eliminate period pain for women"

For women across the globe, experiencing pain during periods may soon become a thing of the past. Developed by iPulse Medical, Livia is a discreet wearable device which is used during menstruation to eliminate cramps and pain. Livia organically blocks pain receptors through the "Gate Control Theory" by transmitting a pulse that keeps the nerves "busy". Busy nerves mean that the nerve-gate is closed, therefore pain signals cannot pass through and pain can be eliminated

"The wearable tech that’s boosting women’s health and fitness"

We’ve come a long way in the development of wearable tech – especially when it comes to creating devices for women.

Whether it’s fitness trackers designed to fit women’s bodies or tech built to address specific health issues that women face, more and more companies are creating wearables to keep women healthy – and, importantly, funding female run companies and employing female coders, makers and engineers to get it right.

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