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Livia is the new drug free solution for menstrual pain.

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Livia is a drug free solution.
Using two electrodes that transmit electric pulses to your lower abdominal area, Livia blocks the cramps. It’s simple, and has no side effects.

Instant Relief

Livia’s pulses address the pain immediately. There is no waiting and no adjustments are needed.

Scientifically Proven

9 out of 10 women suffer from menstrual pains. 2 out of 10 consider them unbearable. At least half had tried a variety of solutions.

Livia is the perfect solution. Using technology based on gate control theory, Livia transmits a very specific pulse that keeps the nerves “busy”. Busy nerves means that the nerve gate is closed, pain signals can’t pass through and are not felt.

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No More Pain

Some things are dumb. Resigning to suffer every month just because you “always get like this” is one of those things. The first time you’ll be ecstatic, but pretty soon, it’ll be another modern-luxury-taken-for-granted type of thing. And we’re totally OK with that.

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The Livia kit includes everything you need to stop period pains right in their tracks.
It’s a compact little device with a tremendous relief. The monthly magic wand.
Once you try Livia, you’ll see why so many women are so excited about it!

In the Livia kit you’ll find:
(1) Livia Device
(1) Livia Classic Cover (in color of your choice)
(1) Livia USB Charging cable
(1) Livia Travel Case
(1) Livia Flower Pads
(3) Months Supply of Gel Pads