I would not want to be a uterus.

I would not want to be a uterus.

I just love Halloween. I start in August every year, thinking about what my original theme costume will be all about. This year all I will be doing is dreaming about it… no parties… no going out with the kids for a treat…

So, I thought… during this “no celebration” holiday, what is the best/worst costume that I would never dream of going out in.

Some are just fun, but others can be super offensive. The truth is I would never have the guts to go out in any of these “period” costumes…  hmmm…. maybe next year?????

This year I will just stay home and pray I will get my period so I can justify the candy binge.

How is this tampon from Costumeish?

Im not sure I would want to be a uterus….

My absolute favorite …