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I’ve finally popped my review of myliviaofficial I’ve finally popped my review of myliviaofficial official on my blog - link in bio! I’ve tried to answer all the questions I’ve had about it, but if there’s anything else you want to know leave a comment below or on the blog. . . . . . myliviaofficial myliviabrasil mylivia_slovakia #mylivia #liviareview #endo #endopain #painrelief #endopainrelief #endometriosis #endometriosisawareness #myendometriosis #newblogger #endoblogger #theendolife #linkinbio #myendometriosisjourney #myendometriosisdiary
So, hubby and I have been trying for #2 for a whil So, hubby and I have been trying for #2 for a while now and it has not been an easy journey as I got pregnant with my son basically without even trying (he was our honeymoon baby). My cycles have always been irregular- This last cycle was 50 days, or even non existent (went about a year with nothing). But when AF does show up, she is a bitch! I'm usually dying from labor like cramps for about 2 days and then popping all the pills I can find to try to find some type of relief. When I heard about this little machine, I was excited and intrigued to see if it would actually work. I got lucky last month and found one of these guys on my FB buy/sell and I finally got a chance to try it. OMG GUYS! THIS THING IS AMAZING 👐👐👐 Seriously. I put this guy on and my cramps which were easily at like a 7/10 are basically gone. I am so lucky to have been able to find one and I know this little machine is going to be my best friend when AF decides to come and visit (🤞she won't come for a while after this visit!) myliviaofficial #livia #myliviareview
Today’s blog post is up, and I’ve answered the Today’s blog post is up, and I’ve answered the questions you guys have been asking my about myliviaofficial Click the link in my bio to have a read . Also, I have a very exciting announcement to make this weekend so keep your eyes peeled 👀 . . . . . #endo #endoawareness #endometriosis #endometriosisawareness #adenomyosis #adenomyosisawareness #endoblogger #livia #liviareview #mylivia #painrelief #endopain #endostrong #endosupport #endocommunity #butyoudontlooksick #1in10 #livingwithendometriosis #mylifewithendo #endowarrior #endosisters #linkinbio #newblogger #wordpressblogger #wordpress
Livia Review 🌸🌸🌸 #livia #mylivia #mylivia Livia Review 🌸🌸🌸 #livia #mylivia #myliviaofficial #review #myliviareview #liviareview #period #nomorepain #cramps #menstrual #womenshealth
Dzień dobry Kochani 💋 Jak samopoczucie? Wyspan Dzień dobry Kochani 💋 Jak samopoczucie? Wyspani? Bo ja wcale 😔 Dzisiejszy post jest specjalnie dla Pań, więc panom już podziękujemy 💁🏻‍♀️ Czy któraś z Was Drogie Panie wie co to takiego? Jeśli nie wiecie co to a zmagacie się z ogromnym bólem w trakcie miesiączki to po odpowiedź zapraszam Was do najnowszego wpisu na blogu, link w bio u góry profilu 👆🏻 a tym czasem muszę wracać do pracy, więc życzę Wam miłego i aktywnego dnia ❤️ #mylivia #liviareview #switchoffpain #nomoreperiodpain #painkiller #electrostimulation #hometherapy #smartgirl #goodvibesonly #flatlaypoland #potd📸 #lightroomcc #blogerkalifestylowa #instablogger_pl
Je peux enfin vous faire un retour sur mylivia_fra Je peux enfin vous faire un retour sur mylivia_france. 🌸 Un retour sincère, parce que oui, là ça vient du fond de mon cœur : MERCI ! 🙏🏻 ➖ Plus en détails, ça donne quoi ? La première fois, j’ai installé le dispositif lorsque les douleurs devenaient difficilement supportables. Et la deuxième fois, je me suis simplement dit « Mais Alice, pourquoi attendre d’avoir vraiment très mal ? ». En effet, le dispositif peut être utilisé pendant 10h d’affilée et même lorsqu’on l’enlève, l’effet est prolongé. ➖ Et en pratique ? 1) Le dispositif est pratique, petit et discret. Il m’accompagne tout au long de ma journée, sans me gêner. 2) Les douleurs diminuent 10min après le lancement du dispositif et sont complètement atténuées au bout de 15min. ➖ Bilan : Il existe ENFIN une solution non-médicamenteuse pour soulager les femmes des douleurs menstruelles. Alors sincèrement, n’hésitez plus. Ca fonctionne également sur les femmes atteintes d’endométriose. C’est une merveilleuse avancée pour nous toutes. Alors un immense merci à mylivia_france qui a changé mes journées ! ♥️ ➖ Parce que non, nous ne sommes pas « obligées de soufrir » et chaque 28 jours pendant 40 ans, non ce n’est pas juste « un mauvais p’tit moment à passer » ! 🩸💪🏻 ➖ #livia #mylivia #liviawarrior #liviaswarrior #liviateam #menstruationmatters #menstruation #women #womensupportingwomen #womenpower #womenempowerment #sufferingisnotok #picofday #bestoftheday #lifestyle #regles #reglesdouloureuses #nomorepain #nomorecramps #menstrualcycle #myliviareview #endometriosis #endometriose
Alright. Tons of people have been asking me about Alright. Tons of people have been asking me about this ever since I posted it on my story, so I’m going to do a little review on this machine. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a TENS machine (google it) called Livia that’s designed to completely alleviate period cramps. And if talking about periods makes you uncomfortable you don’t have to read this, but most importantly, grow up. I’ve suffered from crippling cramps ever since I got a copper IUD. I’m talking fall to the ground unable to move type pain, although that’s not so acceptable to do in public so most of the time I have to slightly grimace and hold my stomach as if I’m fine, but I’m on fire inside. They have prevented me from doing the things I love (boxing, even going out somewhere with friends) and have stopped me from physically being able to continue tattooing when I have a wave of them. This machine is magic. Obviously it’s rooted in science, but it works. I was actually able to just wander around IKEA the other day while wearing it and knowing my body was experiencing the worst of it. It doesn’t take the cramps away per say; your body is still doing what it needs to do. But it distracts from it. It seems to take over and create a different sensation that is not unpleasant. You can still feel the pressure of your uterus having a machete party in there, but that’s it. I am almost done for this cycle and I’m in shock that I haven’t had to pull out my heating pad or take pain killers. I’ve been able to go boxing after work and walk around without wanting to scream. So the drawback is, it is expensive. But fuck it. It’s worth going pain free. I experience this every month of my life so if I want to break down the cost monthly for however long it lasts, how can it not be worth it? I will say, it takes adjusting a bit to figure out. I had to move the electrodes around a few times depending on where I was cramping to be effective, and also figure out intensity I could handle. But god damn. This has so far been the best thing I’ve ever tried and I’m glad I bought it. myliviaofficial #liviareview
The OFF switch for menstrual pain 🤩 . Finally r The OFF switch for menstrual pain 🤩 . Finally ready to release my 100% honest review on a product I’ve been trialling for a while now called MyLivia. I can not recommend this product enough! . Thank you myliviaofficial for creating this magic little machine that reduces my pain and allows me to get on with my day! . Check out this blog post on my website. Link in bio. . . #theheatpackclub #mylivia #painfree #chronicpain #endometriosis #adenomyosis #theoffswitchformenstrualpain #painfulperiods #naturalpainrelief #myliviareview