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Livia’s Main Benefits

Keep your body clean

Reduce or even eliminate painkillers consumption

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Livia begins providing relief within seconds of turning it on.

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Trusted By 250,000+ Women Worldwide

Meet Livia

Wave goodbye to cramps, heating pads and painful hours spent lying in your bed.

Livia is a stylish portable, wearable menstrual pain relief device. It employs unique patented micro-pulses technology, blocking menstrual pain and activating natural pain control responses.

It's Simple As

It's Simple As

Wear it

Turn it on

Feel the relief

We Take Your Health Seriously

Livia is certified by all major health regulations

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Skeptical? Here’s Some Numbers


Here’s Some Numbers

Of women said that Livia reduced their period cramps

Of women said that Livia completely got rid of their cramps

Of women use Livia during every single period











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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The technology behind Livia is based on the Gate Control Theory and works by transmitting special micro-pulses to the central nervous system to keep the nerves “busy.” When menstrual pain signals are transmitted, the nerve gate is closed and reduces or eliminates the pain being felt. In addition, Livia’s micro-pulses activate the body’s natural pain defenses to produce pain-fighting endorphins and further reduce pain.

Will I still need to take pain medications?

Livia's clinical trials have established its effectiveness in both relieving menstrual pain and decreasing or even eliminating the need for pain medications. It has obtained FDA approval for its use alongside pain medications to effectively relieve menstrual pain.

What does the Livia kit include?

Your Livia kit includes the device, your choice of 4 colorful classic covers, a USB charging cable, a protective travel case, a set of Livia flower pads, and a 3-month supply of Livia gel pads. You’ll need to order additional gel pads before your 3-month supply runs out.

My menstrual pains are really bad. Can Livia help?

Absolutely! Livia can eliminate strong menstrual pains and provides significant relief, even in the most severe cases. And if for some reason you don’t get the relief you need, you have 120 days to return your Livia kit for a full refund.

How long does it take to feel the effects of Livia?

Once Livia is on, you should start to feel relief within 30-60 seconds.

Is Livia safe to use?

Absolutely. Livia’s three extensive clinical studies demonstrated a level of safety and effectiveness that led to its approval by the FDA, Health Canada and the European Union. No other menstrual pain relief device has been approved for use by these three regulatory bodies.

How does it feel?

Ahhh-mazing! It’s been described as “a feeling of gentle vibrations” or “a light, pleasant tingling sensation.”

Can I sit/ move/ exercise with this?

Absolutely! Livia’s ultra-compact, lightweight design allows you to move with little or no restriction. You might even forget you have it on!

Are there any side effects?

There are no known side effects with using Livia. Directions for use are carefully outlined in the user manual.

Can it affect my fertility?

It will not. Livia works externally and will not interfere with your cycle, hormonal balance, or other bodily functions. However, we do not recommend using Livia if you are currently undergoing fertility treatment.