Why You Deserve Better Than Painkillers and Heating Pads During 'That Time of the Month'... And How This Little-Known Solution Makes My Periods Much Easier

Published: September 2nd, 2023 | Reading time: 3 min.

My periods were always heavy. It became a part of my life I couldn't escape from. While some of my friends just breezed through their monthly cycles, I was stuck at home, curled up in a fetal position, feeling just awful...


The pain was so unbearable that I often had to call in sick to work, missing deadlines and letting my team down. Trying to focus when it felt like my insides were being twisted? Not a chance.


On top of that, I was angry at myself for not being able to "handle it" like it seemed everyone else could. I felt isolated, like I was the only one dealing with this much pain.

The Menstrual Pain Made Me Less Social and More Moody, and I Hated That.

The cramps just made the emotional rollercoaster I was already on even worse. I'd get so irritable and moody that I'd snap at my partner and friends over the tiniest things. 


I would cancel anything and everything, curling up with a heating pad and just praying for it to end. It felt like each month, for about a week, my life just stopped.

I was always on the hunt for anything that could ease the pain. Painkillers made me drowsy and upset my stomach.


Heating pads offered a little comfort, but then the pain would just come back, just as bad. And herbal teas made me feel relaxed for a bit but didn't address the actual pain.

One night, the pain got so bad that my fiancé and I ended up having a pretty huge fight.

I swear, he’s never seen me like this before. But you know what's great about him? He knows my moods aren't just 'moods'—they're a “side effect” of this tiring, never-ending pain.


"I've had enough" - he said. Not like he was fed up with me, but more like, "I hate seeing you suffer like this."


He hit the internet, determined to find something that could actually help. The internet was full of flashy promises, after all. He told me later he felt like he was digging through a pile of 'quick fixes', looking for that one breakthrough that could really help me out.


Sadly, his effort was fruitless that time.

Then, a couple days later, while waiting in line at the grocery store, he stumbled upon a Facebook ad.

The banner made a bold promise: that it TURNS OFF period pain. "Yeah, right. If it's that easy, we'd all be doing it." - he thought. But having some time to kill, he clicked on the ad to find out more.


The more he read, the more intrigued he became... Thinking it might actually help, he shared it with me.


Spending years in terrible pain there was no way I would pay to try this out before digging into all the stuff written about it.

It Was Different From Painkillers & Heating Pads, Which Was a Good Start, Since They Never Really Helped…

So here’s what I found. You know how when we feel pain, it's like a message being sent from the affected area to our brain?


Apparently, this product, called Livia, is supposed to create a sort of traffic jam for those messages. 


When activated, Livia sends out gentle pulses that interfere with those pain messages. It's like these pulses distract the pain signals from getting to the brain.


So, instead of feeling those terrible cramps, it seems the body might focus more on these subtle pulses. 


Compared to traditional remedies like heat pads, painkillers, and teas, this mechanism is non-invasive and doesn't have side effects. 


Plus, there's no waiting for a pill to kick in or a pad to heat up. It’s said to work instantly, blocking out the pain. And if it delivers its promise, I'm definitely trying it out.

Just days before my period, the delivery notification came in.

The timing couldn't be better – my package arrived.


Normally, that's when I’d start getting anxious thinking about the painful days ahead. But as I felt the early signs the next morning, instead of the usual fear, there was this unique blend of hope and excitement... I was just genuinely eager to test my new little gadget: Livia.

Slipping it on as the cramps started, I was still skeptical. The initial feeling was a bit odd—like a mini tingling that wasn't painful but definitely took some getting used to. 


As the subtle sensations got to work, I found myself distracted by the new experience. And that's when I realized something amazing: while I was trying to figure out what I was feeling, I'd completely forgotten about my pain whatsoever.


Normally, by this time, I'd be curled up into a ball, wishing the pain would go away—if not for the little device currently attached to my stomach.


The device took the edge off the pain, making those cramps feel far less intense. For the first time in forever, my period started and I was actually smiling.


The next few days were so much different than what I was used to… My boyfriend said he noticed it right away – I was more patient, more caring, and way less snappy. Even people at work noticed I seemed more upbeat, like something had changed for the better.


Gone are the days wasted lying in bed, feeling frustrated and hopeless. It felt so good to realize that I might be getting a week back of my life every month!

For Anyone Who's Had Enough of Tiring Period Pain…

Girl, I honestly think this device could make a difference for you. It's not some magic wand, but it's given me a life-changing relief. If you're tired of dealing with the same old cramps and irritability every month, this is something to look into.


Trust me, it's worth a try. You could finally get the solution you've needed for years.


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