How This Small Gadget Can Spare Her from Period Pain & Cramps Every Month

Published: September 19th, 2023 | Reading time: 3 min.

How does it feel when your partner asks for your help with a jar or flat tire?


Most men admit – it gives them a sense of being important and needed.


They wish they could always help their partner with everything...


But when it comes to a woman's periods, she will suffer terrible pain, cry, be angry, sad, happy, and angry again. Yet she will never ask for your help because she doesn't believe you understand, let alone can solve it.

But think about it. If she was truly fine with her current remedies, would you be still reading this article?

Whenever symptoms of her period come over, she immediately starts to worry about how drowsy & drained she'll feel.


The worst part? When she takes painkillers that should help, it only makes her even more drowsy and even dizzy.


This can even lead to kidney problems, liver damage, and allergic reactions.


While a heating pad might provide some relief, it also keeps her stuck in bed, limits her movement, risks causing skin burns when used for too long, and often only gives partial relief.

So how can you spare her from all the period pain, without any unpleasant side-effects?

There's one solution that works in minutes, is easy to use, and was successfully tested on women in 3 extensive clinical studies.


Our scientific team has been working for 15+ years to come up with a solution that’s effective, comfortable & safe.


We finally came up with a simple device that switched off period pain for 250,000 women worldwide already.

Whenever a woman endures another wave of debilitating cramps, all she has to do is attach Livia (our device) to her abdomen and turn it on.


Initially, she'll feel gentle vibrations, which might seem subtle. Even so, they are actually working hard to disrupt the period pain signals being sent to her brain. (The intensity of vibrations is adjustable).


And within a matter of seconds, the pain is taken care of, allowing her to get on with her day, feeling relieved.

Livia’s secret lies in its state-of-art technology.

When someone feels pain, it's like a message being sent from the affected area to the brain. Livia is designed to create a sort of traffic jam for those messages.


When activated, Livia sends out gentle pulses that interfere with those pain messages. It's like these pulses distract the pain signals from reaching the brain.


So, instead of experiencing terrible cramps, the body might focus more on these subtle pulses.


Plus, there's no waiting for a pill to kick in or a pad to heat up. Livia works instantly, blocking out the pain.


It’s small, discreet, and most importantly – effective.

Praised by women, backed by science.

Loved by 250,000+ women worldwide.

They used to go crazy from period pain. Now they go crazy for Livia.


Gift her a lifetime of pain-free life periods

On average, a woman suffers pain for around 60 hours on her period every month. Over the course of a year, that adds up to 720 hours spent in pain – that’s the cost of not having Livia.


Talking about the price, Livia comes at 137$. Which comes down to 19 cents for an hour without suffering.


Drug-free and quick-acting. Plug it on and make her periods as easy as they should be.



...And be the hero who saves the day.