Christmas Gift: Livia Skin


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You’ve given me my life back, no matter what time of the month is Natasha, 28
With endometriosis + Livia, it really does feel like life again. I can work again! Amanda, 26
As someone suffering from extreme debilitating period cramps each and every month this has been a lifesaver Emily, 32
I’ve been using my Livia the last 3 months and I am LOVING it Kithana, 22
The first time I wore Livia I cried. so small, reusable, rechargeable, and cute has made a world of difference Tashiana, 32
Highly recommended and only wish I had gotten one when I was 16 instead of 39 Lisa, 39
Im always having the worst pain when im on my period. Painkillers couldnt help me, but this device is my new hero! Johanneke, 28
I've used Livia for 3 months now and it is amazing. I was a little bit skeptical before using it but it really work Charlotte, 27
Livia has helped my period and Endometriosis pain so much!! It even helps when I have sore muscles! It’s so amazing Candace, 22
I bought one and had to wait about a month to use it, but now that I have I love it! It is amazing. Simply AMAZING! Leah, 26
Always had incredibly painful periods and my first time using Livia was the first break from pain I've ever had Amy, 21