Livia Flower Pads


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  • Two electrodes
  • 3 inches x 2 inches
  • Used with Gel Pads
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Get your classic Livia Flower Pads that sit comfortably on your body.
This package includes 1 set of Livia Flower Pads to stop period pains right in their tracks.

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Relaxing Lavender, Blue, Yellow, Leaf Green

What other woman are saying...

I can't believe it. No more pain! Mary, 27
I’ve been using my Livia the last 3 months and I am LOVING it Kithana, 22
With endometriosis + Livia, it really does feel like life again. I can work again! Amanda, 26
You’ve given me my life back, no matter what time of the month is. Natasha, 28