shop now, Get a Classic livia kit in almost any color in the rainbow. Or grab a few colors and mix up your look to go with your outfit. Livia is a drug free solution. Two electrodes that transmit electric pulses to your lower abdominal area, block the cramps.
and in conclusion – It is simple, and has no side effects.

In addition, about 9 out of 10 women suffer from menstrual pains.
2 out of 10 consider them unbearable. At least half had tried a variety of solutions.
Livia transmits a very specific pulse that keeps the nerves “busy”. Busy nerves means that the nerve gate is closed, pain signals can’t pass through and are not felt. finally get rid of your period pains.

do not wait for your next period, order today and you’ll find out why so many women using it.

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