The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain

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Arrêtez les recherches, on a trouvé le Saint Graal
Ça fonctionne VRAIMENT
L’appareil met fin à vos douleurs menstruelles,

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Be on the safe side

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Acheter Livia

560 ILS

Le Kit Livia inclut tout ce qu’il vous faut pour éliminer les règles douloureuses dès qu’elles commencent.
L’appareil est petit et compact et offre un soulagement immense.
Dès que vous aurez essayé Livia, vous comprendrez pourquoi tant de femmes en sont fan!

Dans le Kit Livia, vous trouverez :
(1) Un appareil Livia
(1) Une coque Livia classique (de la couleur de votre choix)
(1) Un câble USB de recharge Livia
(1) Un étui de transport Livia
(1) Ensemble d’électrodes en fleur Livia
(3) Mois de coussinets hydrogel

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IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AGGREGATE LIABILITY HEREUNDER OF THE COMPANY OR ITS AFFILIATES, FOR ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER AND REGARDLESS OF THE BASIS OF THE FORM OF THE ACTION, EXCEED THE TOTAL PRICE ACTUALLY RECEIVED BY THE COMPANY FROM YOU FOR THE PRODUCTS THAT CAUSED THE DAMAGES, BUT IN ANY EVENT FOR NO MORE THAN A TOTAL PRICE PAYABLE FOR 10 SINGLE UNITS OF THE PRODUCT (EVEN IF MORE THAN 10 SINGLE UNITS OF THE PRODUCT HAVE BEEN PURCHASED BY YOU) THE COMPANY AND/OR ITS AFFILIATES SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE WHICH MAY BE INCURRED AS A RESULT OF ANY DELAY OR FAILURE TO PERFORM ANY OF COMPANY'S OBLIGATIONS HEREUNDER DUE TO ANY CAUSE BEYOND ITS REASONABLE CONTROL, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ACCIDENTS, ACTS OF GOD, UNANTICIPATED NATURAL PHENOMENON, LABOR DISPUTES, VENDOR FAILURE, STRIKES OR INDUSTRIAL DISTURBANCES, ANY ACT OF ANY GOVERNMENT OR AGENCY THEREOF, OR ANY JUDICIAL ACTION, WAR, PUBLIC DISTURBANCE OR RIOTS, DELAYS IN TRANSPORTATION, WEATHER, UTILITY OR COMMUNICATION FAILURE ("FORCE MAJEURE EVENT"). 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