I Watched My Daughter Struggle With Period Cramps Every Month—Here’s How I Made Her Life Easier

Published: September 7th, 2023 | Reading time: 3 min.

There's no worse feeling than watching your child suffer... It's a pain that's often harder on you than it is on them.


Every month, my daughter would retreat to her room, face twisted in agony, holding her abdomen. 


I've faced my share of difficult periods, but when it's your own kid in pain, mom instincts make it feel way worse.

That’s why I always sought ways to help her...

After all, as a mom, you want to fix everything for your kids. I tried everything, from heating pads to pain meds.


The heating pads provided temporary relief but were clumsy and limited her mobility. 


And the painkillers?


They only numbed her for a short while and often made her feel drowsy or nauseous.


All these failed attempts to help her made me grow frustrated and worried.

But I was never giving up on her… Never.

So my searches continued. It was one of those Sunday mornings when I had finally managed to get some time for myself. 


With a cup of coffee in hand, I sat down to catch up on a heap of notifications from one Facebook mom group. Moms were sharing their weekend plans, favorite recipes, and, as always, their parenting wins and woes.


The post that caught my eye was a mom seeking advice for her daughter on dealing with menstrual cramps. The comments were overflowing—some suggested essential oils, others advocated for yoga and dietary changes.


Just as I was about to share my daughter's experience with failed remedies, something grabbed my attention... 

A comment mentioning a device called "Livia" that claimed to "shut off period pain."

I rolled my eyes initially. Really? If it were that simple, why was it buried in some comments and not making headlines?


But the skeptic in me was balanced out by a desperate hope. What if this could be the solution we had been searching for?


With both doubts and hopes in my mind, I clicked the link to learn more.

And that's when I discovered Livia.

But first, I had to do some research to make sure it’s legit. And here’s what I found.


You know how pain is a signal sent from the hurting part of the body to the brain? Apparently, Livia cuts that signal off.


When activated, it releases small pulses that interfere with the pain signals, making it harder for them to get through to the brain.

This means instead of crippling cramps, your body pays more attention to these slight, more manageable sensations. 


What's more, it’s designed to give immediate relief without side effects, which is better than waiting for pills to kick in or being stuck in bed with a heating pad.


I remember hoping that if this product lived up to its claims, I could recommend it to all my friends and their daughters going through the same struggles.

So I decided to order one for my daughter to find out.

And a few days later it finally arrived. As any teenager would, she met my enthusiasm with an eye roll. "Another gadget? Really?" She doubtfully unboxed the small device and skimmed through the instructions as if she was doing the most tedious homework assignment.


She attached it and pressed the "on" button, then sat down with that "prove it" look teenagers have mastered. I pretended not to watch, busying myself with some kitchen chores but sneaking looks her way.


For the first few minutes, her expression remained unchanged, the usual blend of teenage skepticism and resignation.

But then, I started to notice subtle shifts.

Her shoulders relaxed, and that grimace she had been carrying around started to fade. 


She glanced at the ceiling, almost asking if this could be real, and then caught my eye, quickly looking away as if not wanting to give me the satisfaction of being right. Yet, I could see it—the disbelief slowly turning into relief, the tension melting away.


Finally, she couldn't hold it any longer. She got up, walked over, and just hugged me. No words were needed, her expression said it all. Livia was actually working.


Let me tell you, as a mom, that moment was absolutely priceless.

Now, it's been a few cycles since then, and the difference is night and day. 

My daughter has attended all her classes, hung out with friends, and engaged in sports—activities she'd typically avoid during her period.


The true victory here is her confidence. She's not held back by the fear of her next period. Instead, she's living her life without that ever-present worry of discomfort.


Seeing her so at ease today, compared to a few months ago when she was literally suffering, is such a relief. It's like she got a piece of her life back, which is invaluable to me.

So look, if your daughter is going through the same as mine was, I can't recommend Livia enough.

Our girls should be out hanging out with friends living life, and not suffering agonizing pains every month. If you agree, Livia might just be the miracle you’ve been looking for...


Take it from one loving mom to another: It truly changed my and my daughter’s lives.


Want to see if this will help your daughter too? You can find out more about Livia here →


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