Tired of struggling with painful cramps every month?

In their lifetime, women face around 2,400 days of periods. That’s almost 7 years of painful cramps, mood swings, & feeling drained.

You all already deserve a medal for surviving some of those days in the past… But if you want your next cycle to be easier than any you’ve had before, there’s something for you to try.

If you’re not looking forward to the remaining years of…

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Lying curled up in a ball due to painful cramps,

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Surrounding yourself with teas and heating pads,

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Spending your cycle days among pills and chocolate wrappers instead of friends and family,

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Cancelling plans to stay close to your bed,

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Popping lots of pain meds just to feel a little bit better.

…we’ve got the perfect little solution for you → a small gadget called Livia takes care of your period pain completely.


Curious to find out what makes it so special? ↓

Reason 1

Highly Efficient

Livia’s unique design makes it more efficient than other menstrual pain solutions. You get faster and more focused relief by using targeted electrical pulses to block pain signals. It’s a modern approach to an age-old problem, and it works efficiently to maximize your comfort, switch off pain, and improve quality of life.

Reason 2

100% Natural Alternative to Pain Meds

Being a non-invasive solution, Livia is a natural way to manage pain. This means you don’t have to worry about side effects or stomach problems that can come with taking painkillers. It’s a clean, conscious & safe choice for pain relief.

Reason 3

Portable and Discreet

Livia is small and easy to carry, allowing you to go about your day—making you forget you’re even using it! Clip it onto your belt or slip it into your pocket to get pain relief without drawing attention to yourself. Stay discreet and move freely, wherever you are.

Reason 4

Clinically Tested

And Approved

Successfully tested in 3 extensive clinical studies & already praised by 250,000 women worldwide. It’s an effective and safe way to manage menstrual pain, cleared by the FDA.

Reason 5

Quickly Eases Pain

Differently from a pill, Livia works in seconds. As soon as you turn it on, it starts blocking pain signals for immediate relief. Truly the go-to solution when you don’t have time for pain.

Reason 6

Easy To Use

There are no difficult steps. Clip it on, press the button, and enjoy the relief.

It’s actually

not too complicated…

When a woman feels another wave of cramps incoming, all she has to do is attach Livia to her stomach and turn it on.

You know how pain is like a message being sent from the affected area to the brain? Our device is designed to create a sort of “traffic jam” for those messages.

When activated, Livia sends out gentle pulses that interfere with those pain messages. It’s like these pulses distract the pain signals from reaching the brain.

So, instead of experiencing terrible cramps, your body might have something else to focus on.

End result? No more monthly “subscriptions” of agonizing pain, more energy for your loved ones, & feeling like yourself every day of the year.


Are you ready to live a painless life once again?

If so, we’re sure that Livia is about to become your new new best friend.

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Switch off period pain. For good.


Sell-Out Risk: HIGH


30-Day Money Back Guarantee


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According to our best review ever received: “Perfect”.


It truly changed my life and I also recommended many of my friends to try it. Customer service was very helpful helping me with my order and I am finally not afraid starting my period.

- Alona Gonikman


Sometimes taking medication for the pain isn’t enough or it just doesn’t last long enough to make the cramping tolerable. Sometimes a heating pad isn’t enough either. Thankfully there’s Livia!

- Jamie


Works amazingly at getting rid of painful period cramps. I’m talking like strong painful cramping at the heaviest part of my flow, and I couldn’t feel it with my Livia device. I used level 3 intensity and it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

- Dori Ramirez

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